4 Liner – Precious Call

"The moment of dream came true,As the precious eyes he looked through,Was the beautiful soul longed for,To call him, “Dad”, with endless love to adore." - Aishwarya 4 liners are 4 line short story depicting a simple story, be it emotional, humorous or inspirational related to any circumstance of life or other. Read on our... Continue Reading →

Strambotto Poem – Oh, Hello You!

"What if the world, has not yet recognized you?What if they trust on those, acknowledged before?Pause not to ponder, but sow on with no due,Believe in yourself, and fear not anymore,As Time ceases not, yet brings changes anew,Never give up, for there are folks who adore,You, Unknown, ready to voice for being true,And, will mark... Continue Reading →

242 Poem – Believing Completely.

Budding CuriosityBrings the interest within,Building Creativity. - Aishwarya Read on our other beautiful Varied Poems Lovely Smile – A Fibonacci PoemYou are the One – A List PoemLove with Nature – A Pastoral PoemPriceless Bond – A Dizain PoemFriendship – A Simile PoemWorthy Life – A Chant PoemNightingale – A Diamante PoemUp in the Sky – A 35 lines PoemLikes of You – An... Continue Reading →

2 Liner Love Story

She cried and then smiled saying, “I love you!”, looking at both their eyes in the altar. Leaving her dad she cried and holding her husband she smiled, both with eternal love in her eyes. - Aishwarya Read on our other beautiful varied stories: Scientific Award – A fantasy storyDistant Heart – A Romantic storyHumans from Heist... Continue Reading →

Fibonacci Poem – Lovely Smile

ASMILEUnfurlsPurityWithin You and Me,Ushering the purpose of Life,And embraces the beauty through,Trust and Optimism,Always withPerfectBond,LOVE. - Aishwarya Fibonacci poetry was founded by Gregory K. Pincus last year as a 6-line poem that follows the Fibonacci sequence for syllable count per line. For the 6-line poem that means: 1 syllable for first line1 syllable for second... Continue Reading →

Happy Diwali

This sublime festival celebrated with,The beauty of smiles on faces,The joy to relish on delish,The glow of delight to meet,The excitement to share the greetOf victory towards good over evil,As the blaze of flame on lampsBrings the radiance of light over darkness.This wish from within, wholeheartedlyEnhances the love of each moment,forever to cherishWith your dear... Continue Reading →

Pastoral Poem – Love with Nature

Always with you, I love to walk,Under the sun, above the hills,On the shore, to share and talk,As my heart like the waves, enthralls.From there, I'll take you to the garden unbound,Like butterflies varied, over the flowers,Flapping their wings, sensuously around,I ought you be beside, vibrant, all the hours.Together we'll look at the stars of... Continue Reading →

Trust – Untrust

"Trust" is the only word that depicts the entire feeling of understanding, belief, expectation, complete surrender of mind and heart to the only faithful soul. If the foundation of this "trust" is shaken then the whole soul gets shattered forever. Keep intact this "trust" to the good being always. The three times in life we... Continue Reading →

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