Comparison – Tip to Triumph #5

Comparison is an obsession causing serious rifts among good souls. Has this alegory sprouted up right from the evolution of mankind in most of the homes? Cultivating this abdominal comparability from generations makes one shun or shine than the other, either it goes on with looks, physique, status or studies everything is compared but that definitely does not emphasize a good progress …

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Eco Friendly Magazine / Paper Holder – DIY

Magazine & Bill Holders How many of our cupboards and cabinets at home have a heap of Newspapers, Magazines, Papers, Bills overflowing? How many of us have a heap and pile of papers, magazines lying at home? Why not set up holders for such bookish treasures by not spending much?  Let’s start on with our …

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Throne : The Royal Seat – DIY

Any special occasion at home, we sure think to buy something new related to the ritual or custom we practice. But nowadays we tend to create or make something special for our special days at our home instead of purchasing the ones that are made elsewhere. Occasions, Festivals and important functions while bringing happiness, gives …

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Minnesota State Fair

Minnesota State Fair! One of the largest Minnesota Get-Together. It was wonderful to be there with all the crowd from all over USA. Over 2 million unknown faces around us with smiles, happiness, laughter and excitement shared exclaims the greatness of life. To the state fair we could take our own vehicles, but to avoid …

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Tip to Triumph #5

Take the good from others and leave the faults as time predicts the change! The same people who were not too good to us will come back why stress us for their actions. Be it your friends, close relatives, cousins, dear ones! Let's be us! Do the good, be kind, why change us for …

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Success of a Person

We have come across many people quoting "Behind every man there is a woman and vice versa." But a successful person knows that apart from the loved ones by their side, there is abundant pain, suffer, worry, hindrance, discouragement, hurt, hatred they have come across to achieve their dreams with the best of their efforts, …

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Good Friends!

"HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!" Good Friends are the gem filled with love and trust embracing all their lovable friends with dignity and equality in all circumstances. Friends are our second family with emotions, expressions, exchange, sharing, compassion and everlasting companionship. - Aishwarya

Dreams Come True!

"Something to start with, But What?" Like many, even we had this thought lingering in our minds always but devoting our life to family and other "important" works we think to be, we forget "US". After kids, not many ladies would have a "me time" sooner and while thinking to have one, " to do" …

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Life : Purity

Each efficient word has a great quality in itself.  Life explains the purity in it by engaging with the facts, changes, ideas and truth. The inner qualities in each are defined engrossing the life's reality. Our life travels with a search in the path towards eternity with thoughts and dreams out of purity. - Aishwarya

Beauty from Words

Beauty dwells in everything! Each of us have different perspective in seeing the beauty, be it life, nature, objects, activities, living beings, words, deeds, so on.. Here beauty is personified from words to understanding, experiencing it the fact in Life. Beauty  exhibits aesthetic and enchanting viability in each of our life in varied dimensions. Simple words …

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