Heart seeks still – Quatrain Poem

Thinking of You, I feel I Miss You,And pondering on our past till now, I see,Silence has taken over the talks in due,While Heart seeks the way, it still has to be. A Quatrain Poem is a 4 line stanza with the first and third, second and fourth ending rhymical. The Concept refers to the... Continue Reading →

Days, Months & Year – Les Jours, Les Mois Et L’An

DAYS OF THE WEEK - Les Jours De La Semaine DaysLes JoursPronunciationMondayLundiLandiTuesdayMardiMahrdiWednesdayMercrediMehrcrediThursdayJeudiJahdiFridayVendrediVahndrediSaturdaySamediSamediSundayDimancheDimansh MONTHS OF THE YEAR - Les Mois De L'Année MonthsLes MoisPronunciationJanuaryJanvierJhanvierFebruaryFévrierFevrierMarchMarsMarsAprilAvrilAvrilMayMaiMaiJuneJuinJhuanJulyJuilletJhuiyeAugustAoûtOothSeptemberSeptembreSepthambreOctoberOctobreOctobreNovemberNovembreNavombreDecemberDécembreDecembre How to Say? For Months To say, "It is November 9" : C'est le 9 (Neuf) Novembre.On est le 9 Novembre.Nous sommes le 9 Novembre. For Years Use "an" to the years... Continue Reading →

Les Nombres Après Cent

The Number Names from Hundred onwards NumbersNumber NamesNoms de NuméroPronunciation100One HundredCentSohn101One Hundred and One Cent-UnSohn Uhn102One Hundred and TwoCent-DeuxSohn Dhe Continue on with an increase from 103 to 199, that is, Cent-Trois to Cent-Quatre-Vingt-Dix-Neuf, respective to the number names from Un to Quatre-Vingt-Dix-Neuf before Cent. The Number Names from Two Hundred onwards NumbersNumber NamesNoms de... Continue Reading →

Les Nombres 81 to 100

Below are the Cardinal Numbers in French along with pronunciation. Cardinal Numbers 81 to 100 – Les Nombres Cardinaux 81 to 100. NumbersNumber NamesNoms de NuméroPronunciation81Eighty OneQuatre-Vingt-UnKatre Vahn Uhn82Eighty TwoQuatre-Vingt-DeuxKatre Vahn Dhe83Eighty ThreeQuatre-Vingt-TroisKatre Vahn Throoah84Eighty FourQuatre-Vingt-QuatreKatre Vahn Katre85Eighty FiveQuatre-Vingt-CinqKatre Vahn Sank86Eighty SixQuatre-Vingt-SixKatre Vahn Seez87Eighty SevenQuatre-Vingt-SeptKatre Vahn Seth88Eighty EightQuatre-Vingt-HuitKatre Vahn Vith89Eighty NineQuatre-Vingt-NeufKatre Vahn Nef90NinetyQuatre-Vingt-DixKatre Vahn Deez91Ninety OneQuatre-Vingt-OnzeKatre... Continue Reading →

Les Nombres 61 to 80

Below are the Cardinal Numbers in French along with pronunciation. Cardinal Numbers 61 to 80 – Les Nombres Cardinaux 61 to 80. NumbersNumber NamesNoms de NuméroPronunciation61Sixty OneSoixante-Et-UnSvasanth te uhn62Sixty TwoSoixante-DeuxSvasanth dhe63Sixty ThreeSoixante-TroisSvasanth Throoah64Sixty FourSoixante-QuatreSvasanth Ketre65Sixty FiveSoixante-CinqSvasanth Sank66Sixty SixSoixante-SixSvasanth Seez67Sixty SevenSoixante-SeptSvasanth Seth68Sixty EightSoixante-HuitSvasanth Vith69Sixty NineSoixante-NeufSvasanth Nef70SeventySoixante-DixSvasanth Deez71Seventy OneSoixante-OnzeSvasanth Onze72Seventy TwoSoixante-DouzeSvasanth Dooz73Seventy ThreeSoixante-TreizeSvasanth Trez74Seventy FourSoixante-QuatorzeSvasanth Ketorze75Seventy FiveSoixante-QuinzeSvasanth Kenz76Seventy... Continue Reading →

Les Nombres 41 to 60

Below are the Cardinal Numbers in French along with pronunciation. Cardinal Numbers 41 to 60 – Les Nombres Cardinaux 41 to 60. NumbersNumber NamesNoms de NuméroPronunciation41Forty OneQuarante-Et-UnKerante Uhn42Forty TwoQuarante-DeuxKeranth Dhe43Forty ThreeQuarante-TroisKeranth Throoah44Forty FourQuarante-QuatreKeranth Kethr45Forty FiveQuarante-CinqKeranth Sank46Forty SixQuarante-SixKeranth Seez47Forty Seven Quarante-SeptKeranth Seth48Forty Eight Quarante-HuitKeranth Vith49Forty NineQuarante-NeufKeranth Nef50FiftyCinquanteSankanth51Fifty OneCinquante-Et-UnSankanth te uhn52Fifty TwoCinquante-DeuxSankanth dhe53Fifty ThreeCinquante-TroisSankanth Throoah54Fifty FourCinquante-QuatreSankanth Ketre55Fifty FiveCinquante-CinqSankanth... Continue Reading →

Les Nombres 21 – 40

Below are the Cardinal Numbers in French along with pronunciation. Cardinal Numbers 21 to 40 – Les Nombres Cardinaux 21 to 40. NumbersNumber NamesNoms de NuméroPronunciation21Twenty OneVingt-Et-UnVahn the uhn22Twenty TwoVingt-DeuxVahn dhe23Twenty ThreeVingt-TroisVahn throoah24Twenty FourVingt-QuatreVahn Ketre25Twenty FiveVingt-CinqVahn Sank26Twenty SixVingt-SixVahn seez27Twenty SevenVingt-SeptVahn Seth28Twenty EightVingt-HuitVahn vith29Twenty NineVingt-NeufVahn Nef30Thirty TrenteThronth31Thirty OneTrente-Et-UnThrontheuhn32Thirty TwoTrente-DeuxThronth dhe33Thirty ThreeTrente-TroisThronth throoah34Thirty FourTrente-QuatreThronth Katre35Thirty FiveTrente-CinqThronth sank36Thirty SixTrente-SixThronth... Continue Reading →

Les Nombres 1 – 20

Below are the Cardinal Numbers in French along with pronunciation. Cardinal Numbers 1 to 20 - Les Nombres Cardinaux 1 to 20. NumbersNumber NamesNoms de NuméroPronunciation1OneUnahn2TwoDeuxDhe3ThreeTroisTruah4FourQuatreKetre5FiveCinqSank6SixSixSeez7SevenSeptSeth8EightHuitVith9NineNeufNef10TenDixDeez11ElevenOnzeOnze12TwelveDouzeDooz13ThirteenTreizeThrez14FourteenQuatorzeKethorz15FifteenQuinzeKenz16SixteenSeizeSez17SeventeenDix-septDeez seth18EighteenDix- huitDeez vith19NineteenDix- NeufDeez Nef20TwentyVingtVahn Zero - 0 Read the following – Lisez ce qui suit Basics of French with PronunciationLes Nombres 21 to 40Les Nombres 41 to 60Les Nombres... Continue Reading →

Basics of French with Pronunciation

To start with the basics of French, we'll have a look at the alphabets of French. Given below are the Alphabets for which the pronunciation in French is explained with. S.NOALPHABETSFRENCH Pronunciations1. Aaah2.Bbeh3.Csay4.Dday5.Eeuh6.Feff7. Gjay8. Hash9. Iee10.Jjee11. K kah12.Lel13.Mem14.Nen15. Ooh16. Ppay17. Qcoo18. Rerr19.Ses20.Ttay21.Ue-yoo22.Vvay23.Wdooble vay24. Xeex25.Yee-grayk26.Zzed Voyelles (Vowels) - a, e, i, o, u, h Syllables with... Continue Reading →

4 Liner – Precious Call

"The moment of dream came true,As the precious eyes he looked through,Was the beautiful soul longed for,To call him, “Dad”, with endless love to adore." - Aishwarya 4 liners are 4 line short story depicting a simple story, be it emotional, humorous or inspirational related to any circumstance of life or other. Read on our... Continue Reading →

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